Dr. Jasmine Virk has over 4 years of experience working as a Pediatrician. She always envisioned herself as a Pediatrician and enjoys working with children.


Dr. Virk has wide range of experience in treating common Pediatric conditions which includes but not limited to common newborn problems, Asthma, Allergies, ADHD, Other behavioral issues, Skin problems, Common injuries, Sports injuries and much more.

 Dr. Virk speaks English, Punjabii, Hindi and basic Spanish.

She enjoys spending time with her family, likes to travel and enjoys listening music.


Born and raised in Virginia, Dr. Virk received her medical degree from Windsor University School of Medicine. She completed her Residency training from Michigan State University, Lansing MI, in Pediatrics and is now settled in Virginia.

 Practice Philosophy

Dr. Virk strongly believes that educating parent plays an important in child’s health. She spends adequate time listening to parents and addressing their concerns. A visit to Pediatrician is not just for vaccines but to assess overall child’s development. This scheduled visits helps to address concerns, if any, in timely manner and improve their overall health. Dr. Virk strongly believes in patient- and family-centered care and practices evidence based medicine.

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